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Features of our network include:

Cross Channel Advertising

Adpile give you access to users wherever they are online. This allows you to target potential clients as they surf the web on their mobile phones, visit their favorite websites, shop for products similar to yours, or are searching for information on your products. Depending on whether you’re trying to drive sales or increase your brand awareness, Adpile’s Network can reach potential clients on any channel.

World Wide Traffic

Through our network of publishers, you’ll have access to audiences around the world. From mobile users in Thailand to search queries in Brazil, our publishers provide millions of daily queries to target. International advertising provides new opportunity to expand North American campaigns and reach an entirely new audience.

Dedicated Support

Adpile prides itself on the experience each account manager brings to the table. Our team has a deep understanding of the network and can make sure that every campaign starts off on the right foot. Our ability to track conversions at a granular level makes optimizations a simple process.

Click Fraud Protection

At Adpile, your success is our #1 priority. To help you reach your goals, all search traffic is run through our quality engine to help identify and block sources that are sending low quality clicks before they land on your site.

Advanced Targeting

If you already have an idea which users are driving conversions, you can replicate those attributes in your campaigns. Adpile can target your campaigns to user’s Browser, Operating System, Wireless Carrier and Location from Country all the way down to a specific City. This granular targeting allows your to bid and optimize each campaign to users more likely to meet your goals.

All Major Verticals

Insurance, Travel, Health, Entertainment, and Automotive. Adpile’s Publishers drive search queries and impressions from all major verticals. We can help scale your existing campaigns to new levels by increasing conversions and decreasing your acquisition costs. Reach out today to get started.

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“Online advertising doesn't need to be a shot in the dark. Adpile can help deliver results for your campaigns.”