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Features of our network include:

Revenue Optimization

With the Adpile Monetization Suite we can help supercharge your earnings and help make sure you are making the most on each user of your site or app. Search, Display, Mobile and Video, Adpile can help monetize it all.

Worldwide Coverage

In today’s connected world, we understand that publishers have users coming from countries around the world. Adpile is able to monetize the majority of those users all within one solution.

Direct Advertisers

Our sales team is constantly working on your behalf to deliver advertisers to maximize your earnings. We also work with a number of network partners to backfill our own advertisers and maximize your fill rate.

Multiple Ad Units

Adpile is able to provide ads via XML, JSON, or JS ad tags. Adpile works with all standard IAB banners as well as emerging creatives such as Catfish, Sliders, and Layer Ads. You can customize the creative types that you want to use on your site or app.

Brand Safety

Adpile leaves the control of ad types in the hands of the publisher. We understand how important user experience is to you so we make it simple to block advertisers and IAB categories from your site.

“Adpile provides companies with quality users from around the world to help scale your campaigns to new levels.”

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